VINSKY is the fresh sounding cross-over band of composer, musician and producer Zoli Soos, playing New European Folk. After the split up of his indie-balkan-rock band (Vinsky Project), Zoli started to focus on new songwriting: contemporary folk songs in a wide and layered musical setting, with original instruments like cello, vibraphone, trumpet and electronics. His Hungarian roots are audible in the vocals and in the music as well. Vinsky plays the music Antonio Carlos Jobim could have made, if he had been born behind the Iron Curtain.



''Really nice music with Eastern European roots''

''Wow, this band was incredibly memorable!''

''I think they really excell playing live''

''Strange, yet intriguing''

''An adventurous mix of dark, angry cello, playing nice and fast; tastefull, tention driving guitar ''



Zoli Soos - guitars, vocals

Erik Dorsman - percussion, mallets, vocals

Bence Huszar - cello, fx

Robert Koomen - electric bass, vocals

Thomas Geerts - trumpet